BFE is a meeting point that is generated by managers who have been working for ten years as researchers, analysts, and trainers. The main target of this website is to provide a chance for people to make their transactions consciously in special structures of leveraged market economies, which are quite risky. With this object in mind, our main duty is to prepare videos and training documents and make them available for everyone without any fees. Furthermore, making people conscious of their investments is our main duty.

BFE is aware that traders and investors who enter the market have lots of losses since Forex transactions have a lot of risks. Therefore, we want to give people an opportunity for training to minimize the risks. We accomplish this not only with standard articles but also with videos generated with detailed pieces of information.
Another aim of our website is to lead and help you with your ongoing transactions with our daily analysis along with our fundamental training. Our experienced analysts share what they see in the market and analyze the current situation.

BFE consists of 5 experienced people. Our most experienced member has 11  years of experience in this market. Our general experience is between 11 – 17 years. We are sharing all our energy with the people who just started to trade in the Forex market, and we know the needs of these investors.

Your success is our main aim and happiness. We will be glad if you send us your requests, recommendations, or complaints via the communication form during the process of our adventure.

We hope that you will find your direction in the Forex market.