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This figure, which takes its name from the object, bowl, is indeed like a bowl. The formation of the bowl shape can spread over a relatively long time. The formation can take months and even years. It is not possible to predict the formation of the bowl shape. When the figure is formed, the parity increases. The bowl shape is a sign of a long-standing uptrend. Therefore, it is one of the shapes that is carefully followed by investors who prefer to enter a long term position. Since the bowl bottom is a slowly formed shape, it cannot be seen in charts representing less than a week. Since the bowl shape does not give a clear signal to the market and it takes a long time to form, it is necessary to consult other technical analysis methods to find the right moment to enter the market. The bowl is still a good idea for people who prefer to make long-term investments in terms of the overall trend of the market. As the handle of the cup in the shape of the bowl should not be separated from the form, we have to examine them in the same title since the only shape that makes the cup is the handle. After completing the bowl formation, the bowl makes a handle with a relatively small bowl. When the cup shape is displayed, the reception signal is generated for entry into the market.
Examples of these formations are given below.

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