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Bullish Formations Piercing Candles
After a long black candlestick in a downward market, we see the next day begins with a downward opening. However, the day turns into a strong white candle and the closure of the white candle is in the upper half of the previous black candle body.
Bullish Formations Kicking Candles
Kicking Candles Bull Formation is a white Marubozu that follows a black Marubozu. Following the Black Marubozu, the market opens with a steep upward opening and creates a White Marubozu by making an intermittent opening above the opening of the previous day.
Bullish Formations Abandoned Baby
Abandoned Baby Bull Formation is a very rare bottom signal. It is characterized by a Doji star formation (including queues) separated by candles one day before and after candles.
Bullish Formations Doji Morning Star
There is a long black candlestick seen on the first day. It follows a Doji that opens the next day with a downward interval. The first two candles together form a Doji star. On the third day, a white candle that is inside the black body of the first day is seen.
Bullish Formations Morning Star
In the formation, a small body followed by a long black candle on the first day is seen. The first two days together form a Doji Star. On the third day, there is a white candle that can fit inside the body of the first day. The third candle indicates that the market is returning to the direction of purchase.
Bullish Formations Three Inside Up
Three Inside Up Bull Formation is a confirmed Harami Bull formation. The third day points out that the trend is turning up.
Bullish Formations Three Outside Up
Three Outside Up Bull Formation is a confirmed Engulfing Bull Formation. The third day confirms that the trend is turning up.
Bullish Formations Three White Soldier
Three White Soldiers Bull Formation is a significant turn signal, consisting of three long white candles, each of which higher than the other, resembling a ladder. The opening of each day is slightly lower than the previous closing and new peak trials are seen during the day.
Bullish Formations Concealing Baby Swallow
The typical characteristic of this formation is two successive Black Marubozu. On the third day, a black candlestick with a body opening up to the second day after a downward opening is seen. On the fourth day, another Marubozu indicates the sales-oriented positions, and the closing price are realized at a new price.

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