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The price graph we encounter in the course of the value of money defines the psychological approach of the whole investor group. Considering that the prices change, the investors make their investment decisions in the light of the current situation evaluations and since they are shaped by the trade decisions taken by the investors, it can be said that the movement of prices is a part of human nature. In this case, all expectations related to money are reflected in prices.
Regardless of the currency, the most fundamental element that affects the value of that currency is human behavior and the perception of events. The basic dynamics that affect the price movement, in general, are the current developments, but in fact, what raises the price is how people perceive events. This is what the economists call “Pricing Developments”. Therefore, each investor can perceive the current development differently and price it in different directions. Each political and economic development is like a surrealistic work that is open to interpretation. For each investor to make meaning from the table and conclude allows one to achieve different results.
All political developments are fictional sources for the direction of money. Some may be politically sourced. All details, from the resignation of a politician, to the health of the Prime Minister, from interatrial problems to corruption in any ministry, can be priced on the currency of the country on the diagram. Therefore, if the investors invest in the currency of the country, they follow all the developments in that country.
Since some authorities know that every news is political and economic, sometimes they might make a statement to shape, direct, or stabilize the graph. For example, the president of the Central Bank, the Chairman of the Capital Markets Board, the stock exchange chairman, the relevant ministers and other authorities having authority over the money can give statements about the acceleration of the market in the event of any uncertainty.
The return of this uncertain table to optimism and the increase in the purchases depend on the positive perception of the unexpected events by the investors. Similarly, the developments that will cause the investor to lose confidence will increase sales and the price graph will fall rapidly. The main reason for this is, of course, the investor’s effort to achieve a high profit with minimum risk. When confidence in the market decreases, investors may turn to other markets which results in high depreciation when they start to withdraw their investments.
Political developments constitute important social reasons in the dynamics that make up the prices. Perceiving these developments and reflecting them on prices is a fact that consists of investors’ decisions.

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