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The Forex is the most money-winning among all legal investments. However, it is also the platform with the most losing. If you don’t open the correct positions and the market goes against your expectations, you can lose all of your money in the case of no interference. In this case, your Stop Loss orders work as a safety valve and block your loss so that you do not to lose more money. The transaction platforms you are going to use save all positions and other orders in a database server. That’s why a computer’s crash, power cut off or lost connection doesn’t affect the procession of your orders. There is a remarkable result here; you should add your stop-loss orders to your every position immediately against every possibility. You won’t lose all of your money in case you can’t connect to the system. Professional players always use stop-loss orders for their every position.
In most of the platforms, Stop Loss order is defined with SL letters. We will talk about this with the example of the usage of these orders in our lessons.

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