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You have the opportunity to make transactions in the Forex market for 21 hours on weekdays. This market works on a global scale, so in each meridian we have, there may a bank that receives purchasing and selling transactions. This way, while the sun rises from one place, it sets in another, and operations in the Forex market are continuous. Therefore, your orders are transmitted to several companies. These companies are sometimes a liquidity source located in Australia, sometimes they are a company in Berlin, and sometimes they are New York.  While you might be not aware of that, your orders are transmitted in the background continuously to the liquidity source so that the positions can be opened or closed.
The table below indicated the closing and openings of the main markets according to the period of GMT.
The periods you see here are the closing and opening times of the related markets and they are placed there to be examples. The city where a market is located in and the purchasing – selling times of foreign money are surely longer than what is indicated below. By thinking this way, you can see that every second, there is an open bank. This way, Forex transaction platforms have a liquidity source they can transmit your order for 24 hours a day.
Moreover, we can benefit from paying attention to one more detail. In the Forex market, you can invest not only in foreign money but also in commodities, in the price of stocks, and the index of markets. Of course, as long as the markets these kinds of financial instruments related to are open, the prising flows. Therefore, although Forex is open for 24 hours a day, to make transactions on a specific financial instrument, you need the related market to the financial instrument to be open. For example, to make a transaction to Apple stocks, you have to wait for the Nasdaq market to be open. When the Nasdaq market is closed, you can not realize the transactions in these stocks.
Such a restriction is not included in any foreign money parity. You can purchase and sell any kind of parity  24 hours a day.

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